Machine reconditioning

Our retrofit services include afeasibility study and estimate for reconditioning,definition of deadlines (time for dismantling, machine downtime and reinstallation),retrofitting in our workshops,reinstallation and operation of your machines, and finally on-site functional testing.

A complete, economical and fast solution to extend the life of your machines.

You have old machines that still meet your needs. Do you want to make them more communicative or guarantee their reliability for future production?
MITS Group offers you a complete assessment of the situation and advises you on the retrofit actions to be taken.

MITS Group offers reconditioning of used machines. These may be your own machines that have become less productive or whose components are obsolete, or machines from our stock that we adapt to your requirements.



The benefits of retrofitting :

Shorter turnaround times than for manufacturing new equipment
Eliminate downtime for corrective maintenance
Reduced energy costs for machine operation
Optimizing manufacturing processes (Industry 4.0)
Productivity gains and enhanced operator comfort and safety

All with an eco-responsible approach

French design and manufacture
Complete ready-to-use lines
Machines and equipments
Maintenance and after sales service

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